Baby and Toddler Sleeping Bag: Morrison Outdoors 20° or 40° Rating?

So you’ve decided to get your baby or toddler a sleeping bag from Morrison Outdoors, but you’re wondering which one to get. Should you get the 20 degree bag or the 40 degree bag? In this post, I’ll break down the pro’s and cons of each to make your decision easier.

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Morrison Outdoors has 3 sleeping bag sizes based on your child’s age:

We’ve used all 3 and found them to be true to size, even for my kids who are on the tall side of average. For each baby or toddler sleeping bag size, there is the option to select a bag rated for either 20° F or 40°F (that’s about -6°C or 4°C).

So, how do you decide which temperature rating is the right choice for your family? Let’s work through it together.

child in sleeping bag in front of a fire in a cabin

20 Degree Sleeping Bags

Pros of the 20° Sleeping Bags

  • To state the obvious, this bag will keep your child warmer if you’re camping in colder conditions.
  • The down fill means this sleeping bag is lighter and packs down smaller, which is ideal for backpacking.

Cons of the 20° Sleeping Bags

  • The hand cuffs do not open and close, they are closed only and covered in down to keep in the warmth. This can be trouble for some kiddos.
  • Down does not perform as well in wet conditions.
  • It is significantly more expensive at $266 USD for the Little Mo (versus $141 for the 40°F bag; larger sizes have higher price tags).

The Specs

Best Use: Backpacking
Temperature Range: 20°F to 60°F / -6°C to 15°C
Length: 32″ / 81cm
Weight: 9oz / 245g
Shell Material: 100% Ripstop Nylon
Insulation: 650 fill-power RDS-Certified White Duck Down
Fill Weight: 4.7oz / 133g

child in sleeping bag in tent

40 Degree Sleeping Bags

Pros of the 20° Sleeping Bags

  • The polyester fill performs better in wet conditions.
  • The cuffs on the sleeves can be open or folded closed.
  • It is more budget conscious at $166 USD for the Big Mo (versus $299 for the 20°F bag; different sizes have different price tags).

Cons of the 20° Sleeping Bags

  • The polyester fill is heavier.
  • It doesn’t pack down as small.

The Specs

Best Use: Camping
Temperature Range: 40°F to 60°F / 4°C to 15°C
Length: 32″ / 81cm
Weight: 15.1oz / 428g
Shell Material: 100% Ripstop Nylon
Insulation: Polyester Fiber
Fill Weight: 11.3oz / 320g

young family in a smiling in the door of a backpacking tent

So which sleeping bag do I choose for my child?

The 20°F sleeping bag is usually best for your baby or toddler if you:

  • Plan to go backpacking.
  • Will be camping (regularly) when night time temperatures dip close to freezing.

The 40°F sleeping bag is usually best for your baby or toddler if you:

  • Think you’ll (regularly) be camping in rain or moist conditions.
  • Have a lower budget.
family at Tongariro National Park in New Zealand

My experience with the Morrison Outdoors Baby and Toddler Sleeping Bag

I’ve been using the Morrison Outdoors baby and toddler sleeping bags for the last few years. I bought the 20°F sleeping bags because I was worried about my kids getting too cold and I knew we’d be in over night temperatures below freezing.

Overall, we camp in pretty mild temperatures. So I found the 20°F bags were so hot, my kids mostly have slept under them like a blanket as they otherwise got too hot and didn’t like having their hands covered. However, I do like the comfort of having the sleeping bags rated for lower temperatures and we have been in cold enough temperatures enough that it’s been nice. We also backpack enough that the lighter weight and smaller compression size has been worth it.

It’s a tough choice! And there is no right one. Only you know what’s best for your family.

Plus if you change your mind, Morrison Outdoors has a trade-in program where you can get some cash back for trading in your sleeping bag plus a discount off your next one.

Ready to plan a backpacking trip with your baby and their new Morrison bag? Check out my favorite destinations for backpacking with babies in the American West.

Happy adventuring!

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