The Best Breastfeeding-Friendly Clothes for Active Moms

Wondering if breastfeeding- and pumping-friendly clothes are worth the cost? Maybe you hate the look of the silly flaps and don’t want to spend money on them, especially for just a year or two of wear? I was there too. I avoided nursing-friendly clothes with my first for all those reasons. But with my second baby, and a little more financially comfortable, I caved and tried out some breastfeeding-friendly clothes. And holy bananas, there are actually some cute ones that make life so much easier!

In this post you’ll find breastfeeding-friendly clothes that suit for adventures, exercise, and casual wear. And you won’t feel like a goober, promise 😉

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Are Breastfeeding-friendly Clothes Worth the Cost?

As a young mom I was very worried about this, and it was a huge reason why I didn’t go for it with my first baby. I stuck to a set of nursing tanks that I wore under my regular t-shirts and on a budget, it was actually a pretty great system for me. It made it easy to stay covered up with nursing in public since I had a whole shirt to work with. I just had to be a little choosey about what tops I wore, since thick sweaters and fleeces make it a little hard to bunch it all up properly.

But if you’re on a budget and don’t want to make the leap for more expensive clothes you’ll just wear for a short time, try nursing tanks like these cotton ones or these more dri-fit style (which is great for all the postpartum moisture) with your regular clothes.

Breastfeeding Clothes for Casual Wear

My absolute favorite brand of nursing-friendly clothes for casual wear is Nursing Queen. Most of their clothes use sneaky, strategic zippers that aren’t visible much but provide easy access on both sides for breastfeeding your baby or pumping. Some of my favorite styles are pictured above.

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Breastfeeding-Friendly Activewear

Having a baby doesn’t mean you have to stop moving your body! In fact I think it’s quite the opposite. We want our babies to see us taking care of our bodies as they learn the most by the example we set. Whether its a neighborhood walk or jog with baby in the stroller or a hiking adventure with baby in a carrier, these brands have cute tops with easy nursing access and sweat wicking properties.

woman in breastfeeding clothes holding a baby in the mountains


Iksplor is a sister-owned brand in the United States. They have wool base layers for both kids and adults, including a nursing friendly top. I recommend staying true to your size, unless you’re planning to wear while pregnant, then size up!

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Kojo Activewear

Kojo Activewear is a woman owned brand in Europe with international shipping. They focus on wool tops and have both short sleeve and long sleeve options. If you’re unfamiliar with the many almost magical properties of wool, I’ll be coming out with a blog post all about it soon, but I’ll just say this: the more I wear it, the more magical it seems!

Go Mama Maternity

This New Zealand brand has both exercise and casual clothes fit for pregnant and nursing mothers. I have the Feed Me Flap Tee which is super soft bamboo and perfect for either occasion. It has zippers for easy nursing access. I’m a fan.

It can feel like a big decision when you decide whether to invest in nursing-friendly clothes. As you do, consider the following questions:

  • How many kids do I think I’ll have?
  • How long do I plan to nurse each baby?
  • How important is convenience/ease to me?
  • What is my clothing budget?

The answers to these questions can change over time for sure, but it’s someplace to start. Easy access clothes can make it easier to nurse in a carrier. But honestly? A lot of it just comes down to personal preference. Think about trying one breastfeeding-friendly top to see how it goes and then you can make a more informed decision. Whatever path you choose to go down, you got this!!

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Happy adventuring 😉

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